Thin man Brewery

Thin man brewery
492 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

Thin Man Brewery, located in the Elmwood Village, lacks adaption to wheelchair users and for that gets a 3 of 5 Wheelz rating. 

Parking: Parking on Elmwood is generally difficult and this is no different. There is street parking and parking lots near the restaurant. However, neither of those is guaranteed to be available.

Entrance/Exit: The entrance to Thin Man is fully accessible and easy to get into the building with plenty of room to maneuver once inside.

Seating: The biggest issue with Thin man is the seating. With only two low tables situated close to the front door it is uninviting for several reasons. First, being seated up front: every time the front door opened there is a burst of cold air coming in with the crowds. This is (only a seasonal) problem but an issue nonetheless. Second, with only two low tables situated so close to the bar it was very crowded and I felt as though where we were seated was a burden to those at the bar. The restaurant has a spacious layout and could move and/or add more lower tables for wheelchair users instead of having so many high-top tables that would solve many of the issues. Thin man does have a second floor, however, they do not have an elevator.

Restroom: The restroom is fully accessible with plenty of room to maneuver and everything needed within reach.