Barrel Factory

The Barrel Factory
65 Vandalia Street
Buffalo, NY 14204

The Barrel Factory is a wonderful multi-use entertainment facility located in the old first-ward in Buffalo, NY. The location includes snowy owl kombucha, Lakeward spirits, Buffalo’s best Cucina, pressure drop brewing, elevator alley kayak and an event center. The restoration of the 115-year-old factory was a huge undertaking and they did an incredible job with this facility; having to almost completely gut the inside of the building. The Barrel Factory earns a 4.5 out of 5 Wheelz for accessibility.

Parking: There is a parking lot in the back of the building that is paved, with multiple handicap parking spaces. There is also street parking in front of the building and on side streets.

Entrances: There are two entrances on the main level of the Barrel Factory. There is an entrance at the front of the building from the street that is fully accessible. There are double doors at both doors on the main level that are easily manageable and not too heavy. The entrance from the parking lot is also perfectly accessible with smooth access from the parking lot.

First floor: The first floor has a wonderful open floor plan. The first floor includes both Lakeward Spirits Distillery and The Pressure Drop Brewing brewery, as well as Buffalo’s Best Cucina, Snowy Owl Kombucha and Elevator Alley Kayak. There is an elevator straight into the building from the parking lot to go to the second and third floors. Bar Cultivar from Leonard Oakes Estate will also be coming soon to the first floor.

As you walk in from the parking lot on the right is Snowy Owl Kombucha. Snowy Owl has counter services with several selections. For those that don’t know Kombucha, it is fermented tea with different flavors that have many nutritional benefits. It is also brewed at the Barrel Factory. The counter is low enough to see over and grab your drinks and pay at the register.

Buffalo’s Best Cucina offers counter service as well with a menu on the wall and paper menus at the counter. The selections include salads and unique pizzas. The counter is also at the perfect height for ordering and paying at the register. You can either pick your food up at the counter or they will bring it out to your table once it is ready.

Elevator Alley Kayak is a shop located at the entrance closest to the street. They offer clothing as well as Kayak rentals and other supplies that you may need. The kayak rentals can be picked up at a kiosk at a launch point at the Buffalo river across the street.

During our visit to The Barrel Factory, we were treated to a wonderful tour of the distilling process from Lakeward Spirits. The tour is fully wheelchair accessible and easily manageable.

There is an elevator to get to the second and third floor. 

Second Floor: Pressure Drop Brewing is located on the second floor. The path from the elevator was slightly cramped with different games on the shelves for visitors to play (if they choose). I found it to be a little tight overall upstairs with the crowd between the bar and with some higher tables set up as well. They also do have low tables and other places to sit. It was a little difficult to get to the bar to order; getting through the crowd. The other thing I noticed was that the bar does not have a lower area for a wheelchair to pull up and sit there. But, the beer was fantastic!

Third Floor: The event center is located on the third floor. It has a great open floor plan for weddings, parties and other occasion. They have a bar that includes beers from Pressure Drop Brewing and spirits from Lakeward Spirits.

Restrooms: The Restrooms at The Barrel Factory are fully accessible and there is plenty of room to maneuver with everything within reach.