Griffon Gastropub-Transit

Griffon Gastropub-Transit
5445 Transit Rd
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 580-3701

The Griffon Pub has a new location located at 5445 Transit Road in Williamsville, NY. The Griffon Pub or G2 as it’s called has amazing food, a wonderful staff and fantastic owners. When I first started this blog one of my hopes was to bring awareness or change to a specific restaurant or venue to provide better access. The Griffon pub does just that. Before writing this I had mentioned to Ken Scibetta who is one of the owners a couple of the minor things that I noticed that are now in the process of being changed. Those will be mentioned during this review. Once again, Griffon Pub (G2) is a hit and earns a 5 out of 5 Wheelz.

Parking: The lot at Griffon pub seems small considering there are a few businesses in that plaza. There are handicap parking spots very close to the restaurant. The lines are painted to indicate the spots and new poles will be installed shortly.

Entrance and exit: There is a ramp from the parking lot to the side walk leading to the door. The door is relatively light to open if you did not have someone to help you with it. Once inside there is a host or hostess waiting inside.

Bar: The bar area is very large. Many of the tables in the bar area are higher up, but they do have lower tables and can bring more up front if needed. There are multiple TV’s to watch a game and be able to see everything going on. The bar itself does not have a lower section for wheelchairs to roll under at sit at the bar, however it is lower than most bars and still at a pretty good height to sit there with friends and be able to talk to them and also to catch the attention from a bartender if you are seated in a wheelchair.

Seating: There are a couple different seating arrangements in the restaurant. They have half booth seating where you can pull up to the flat side of the table, but you might encounter the flare of the leg of the table. I recommend sitting at a regular table and they can pull away a chair. There is a lot of space which makes it nice so that you don’t get bumped by other patrons by accident trying to get by.

Bathroom Facilities: Between the main dining room and bar area where the bathroom facilities are located. The door is easy to open and easy to get in. The handicap stall is a straight path from the door. It is fully equipped with grab bars if necessary. It is also easy to maneuver and turn around if needed. The sink, paper towel holder and soap dispenser are all at the appropriate height.