(716) Food and Sport

(716) Food and Sport
7 Scott St
Buffalo, NY 14203

Overall, (716) food and sport was very impressive. The entrances could pose some problems with lack of space to get out of the way if needed. Not having a lower space at the main bar was disappointing, but it was nice to see the other bars have lower areas featured. Besides the two areas that I pointed out this restaurant is very well done and deserves a 4 out of 5 wheelz.

Parking: The best option for parking is in the Harbor Center ramp. The ramp has multiple levels with an entrance to 716 on the 2nd level. You could also take the elevator in the ramp down to the main level and get 716 from the outside as well. There are also many other lots in downtown Buffalo to park at if you are coming over from another event and also street parking.

Entrance/Exit: There are two entrances and exits one from the parking ramp and the other from the outside. The entrance from the parking ramp goes into the second floor of the restaurant. With automatic doors, it is easy to get inside. Once inside, there is a check in station right at the door. If there is a wait for a table there is some room to sit there and wait. It could become a little bit of an issue if there is a long wait because there is not a lot of room. There is a bench that you can sit at or pull next to try and be out of the way. At the main level entrance of the restaurant there is usually someone at the door to assist with opening. Once you are inside there is also a check in station. This could fill up rather quickly with walk-ins and could make it very difficult to get out of the way when waiting for a table. To avoid the congested waiting area take the ramp to the main level and immediately to your right there is a table height counter with chairs that wraps around the bar area that is a great area to have a drink, eat, and watch a game. The staff was very accommodating with moving chairs so I could pull up to the counter area.

Bar: There are 3 bars in 716. The main bar on the first level facing the huge 37 foot video wall does not a have a lower section for individuals in wheelchairs or for someone needing area. Going up to the bar is very manageable to get to if there isn’t a huge crowd to get past. If you wanted to go to this bar and order a drink a bartender would be able to notice you even if you are in a lower position. Off the main dining area there is another bar that has a lower section for individuals in a wheelchair to have a drink and still be able to talk with family or friends. There is an elevator to get up the third bar that has the same lower area to pull right up and sit there and have a drink, watch a game or talk to friends and family.

Seating: There is seating on both levels of 716. The main level has many seating options, whether it is at a table or booth or at one of the counters. The tables are easy to get to and there is plenty of room under them to pull right up and have enough room. If you are seated at a booth and in a wheelchair you can just pull to the table once everyone else is seated. There are two types of booths at 716. One is a standard booth with seating on both sides of the table and the other is a round booth. The round booth is a great idea and allows someone in a wheelchair to get closer to the table. There is an elevator that goes upstairs to one of the bars and the next level of seating. The elevator in 716 also leads to the kitchen. Because the kitchen staff also uses this elevator for deliveries, etc. the floor is very slippery and could be a problem. Much of the second level is for 2 person seating facing the giant projection screen. There are also some regular booths near the bar area as well. The seating on the second level in some areas seems like it could be a little cramped for someone with mobility issues.

Bathroom facilities: There bathrooms on both levels of 716. The first floor bathroom is just past the secondary bar on this level. It could be a little difficult to get to if there is a crowd at the bar but it is manageable. The door to get in the bathroom is easy to open and not heavy. There is one handicap stall that is easy to maneuver and does have grab bars if needed. The sink is very accessible with room to fit under it to wash your hands and let someone pass if needed. The soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are both easily reachable. The bathroom on the 2nd level has the same layout and is also located near the bar area upstairs.