Amherst Pizza & Ale House

Amherst Pizza & Ale House
55 Crosspoint Parkway
Getzville, NY 14068


Amherst Pizza and Ale house is a popular destination to watch a sporting event, especially a Bills or Sabres game. It has a wonderful vibe and atmosphere with a many TVs, and several jerseys hanging on the wall. Amherst Pizza and Ale house draws a 4 out of 5 wheelz rating with some minor issues. 

Parking: Parking is in front of the building with easy access to the restaurant from the parking lot

Entrance/Exit: The entrance has one door entering a vestibule with another door that leads to the restaurant. This can be a bit difficult when needing to open the doors on your own as the second door could get caught on your chair while trying to open it.

Seating: There are many seating options, however, navigating to your table can be a bit difficult due to the number of tables so close together in the restaurant.

Bar: Amherst Pizza and Ale house does not have a lower bar area for wheelchair users.

Patio: There is an outdoor patio during the summer months that is wheelchair accessible.

Restrooms: The restrooms were accessible, however they are a bit outdated. The soap dispenser was a bit high for someone in a wheelchair.