Ru's Pierogi

Ru’s Pierogi
295 Niagara Street
Buffalo, NY 14201

Ru’s Pierogi, located at 295 Niagara Street in downtown Buffalo, does a wonderful job with the food and the atmosphere. The building has a modernized-old school feel to it; with original style windows mixed with brickwork. Owner Andrew Ruszczyk has taken his family recipe and turned it into a successful business. A pierogi warehouse employs about 30 people from Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc. Ru’s has some minor issues that they are working on regarding their lift, but earns a 5 out of 5 wheelz for outstanding customer service and overall accessibility.

Parking: Street parking is available in front of the restaurant and down the street, including near Midas.

Entrance/Exit: Entering the main level of the building from the street is a very smooth transition. The door is easy to open and once inside you’ll find a vestibule with stairs and a wheelchair lift that leads to the inside the restaurant. If going alone, it would be a good idea to call the restaurant to let them know if you have a wheelchair and need assistance getting in. The lift door (as of now) needs to be unlocked and a key needs to be inserted in order to use it (and therefore get into the restaurant). Management is currently considering changes to the lift to make it easier to use.

Counter Service: Ru’s is considered “fast casual” because ordering is done at a counter and your food is delivered to your table. The counter is at the perfect level and there is even a space to sign a receipt after purchasing if needed! Lines can get long, so a concern is being in the way of other parties eating their meal or others in line.

Seating: All the tables are wheelchair accessible and there are no problems fitting underneath. When it is super crowded, it may be a bit difficult to find a table or get to a table. There are, however, a lot of tables in a relatively small area.

Restrooms: The restrooms are fully accessible and very large with grab bars and everything needed.