Pearl Street Grill and Brewery

Pearl Street Grill and Brewery
76 Pearl Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery is a popular destination to go watch a game, grab a meal, or to get a drink before heading to an event in downtown Buffalo. Unfortunately, the accessibility at Pearl Street, although they try, is disappointing. There are some issues with the entrance to the building and with the restroom that affected the rating of Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. Their rating is 2 out of 5 wheelz.

Parking: Parking is available on the street around the buildings or at one of the several parking lots around pearl street. The lot used was directly across from the restaurant and was very convenient.

Entrance/Exit: The entrance Pearl Street Grill & Brewery has a large step up that does require assistance to get up into the restaurant. They have a small portable ramp that can be brought out if a member of your party goes inside and finds a host to bring it out, and set it up, which would still require assistance to get up and down the ramp due to the incline.

Seating Area: The seating area is fully accessible with both booths and tables. Transferring is an option into the booths or a wheelchair can fit at the end of the table. There was no lower bar area for a wheelchair at the bar.

Patio: The patios at Pearl Street are wheelchair accessible and there is an elevator to get up to them. They also provide great views of Downtown Buffalo.

Restrooms: The restrooms were a bit disappointing. Because this is a multilevel restaraunt, I was able to use two different bathrooms as I was on more than one floor. It was very difficult to maneuver into the restrooms; there was a bit of a threshold to get into either restroom. Once inside the restroom there was very small stall. A wheelchair could barely turn around and close the door. My chair was able to fit, but that may not be the case for many other wheelchairs.