Tipico Coffee

Tipico Coffee
128 Fargo Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201

Tipico Coffee located at 128 Fargo Ave in Buffalo, NY is a great local coffee shop that has a wonderful atmosphere. The great customer service, as well as a well designed accessible location, makes this a prime coffee house. Tipico earns a 5 out of 5 wheelz rating!

Parking: There is only street parking available at Tipico. Street parking can be touchy, dependent on weather conditions, along with the condition of the sidewalk. Assistance may be required when getting out of the car and onto the sidewalk.

Entrance/Exit: There is one main entrance and exit to the building. The doors are easy to open and wide enough to get in or out of the building. 

Counter service: Once in the building there is a counter to order your coffee and anything else that they offer. Tipico did a great job with the counter space as you can see the person taking your order face to face. 

Seating: There are many seating options available that are wheelchair accessible with plenty of room to move. You can even sit next to a fireplace while enjoying your coffee in the winter. All the tables are low with plenty of clearance to fit a wheelchair underneath. 

Restroom: The restroom is a single person room and is probably the biggest I have seen in a public place in Buffalo. There is plenty of room to maneuver in there and it includes grab bars and everything else you may need at the proper height!