Buffalo Pedal Tours

Buffalo Pedal Tours
347 Ellicott Street 
Buffalo, New York 14203

Buffalo Pedal Tours started in the fall of 2014 by Ken Szal is a unique way to travel around Buffalo and explore the rich history, architecture, or even go on a pub crawl around Canalside and Downtown Buffalo.  The pedal tour offers tours of up to 15 on its fleet of 4 bikes. Buffalo Pedal Tours may not be accessible for all depending on assistance from family and friends and size of the wheelchair. For me they were very accommodating and willing to let me go on the tour. Taking into account the personal assistance I had with me and the customer service that was offered by the owner and driver Buffalo Pedal Tours earns a 2.5 of  5 wheelz rating.

The tours are not wheelchair friendly.. Luckily, for me, I had gone with family and a couple of my cousins were able to lift me onto the bike. The bike has a back seat that fits a few people that do not need to pedal the bike (and that’s where I fit in)! My wheelchair is lightweight and small enough that I was able to fit in the middle console of the bike in between the peddlers on both sides. I would say the middle console is roughly 30 inches wide. Without assistance there is no way that I would have been able to get in the back of the pedal tour bus. It was very high and requires lots of mobility to get in.
Our tour started at Big Ditch Brewing Company and continued to Pearl Street Brewing Company and Pan American Grille. All of the places that we went to on the tour were also wheelchair accessible. Thankfully, I had my cousins with me who were willing to lift me in and out of the Bike at every stop.