Big Ditch Brewing Company

Big Ditch Brewing Company
55 East Huron Street
Buffalo, NY 

Big Ditch Brewing Company opened in late 2014 in downtown Buffalo. Big Ditch is very well thought out in terms of accessibility and is very spacious. You can get a great meal, have a drink, or watch a game! Big Ditch Earns 5 out of 5 Wheelz.

Parking: There is street parking adjacent to the building and also on the cross streets near the restaurant. Some of the curb ramps are a bit difficult to maneuver because of their location and may require some assistance. One of the downfalls of Downtown Buffalo is that there is a lack of off street parking. There is handicap parking on the street with only a few spots available. While not the fault of the establishment, it is crucial to have a flat cub when trying to exit a vehicle so that the wheelchair is on even ground. That is not always possible.

Entrance and Exit: The entrance at Big Ditch is located on the side of the building. The doors are easy to pull and push open. Once in the building, there is plenty of room to move and get to the hostess stand.

Bar: The bar has an area perfect for people in wheelchairs. At the end of the bar, there is a section that is fully accessible and offers a place to sit and put your drink down, along with having conversations with people in your party. If that area is being used, you could use another area of the bar that is a little bit higher.

Seating: Big Ditch offers many seating options throughout the restaurant. There were no issues at the tables, ie. the table being too high or the legs of the table getting in the way. There is plenty of room to make your way to your table and exit after your meal. There is also plenty of space to sit on their patio. There are huge garage doors that lead to the outdoor seating area. There is also a second level that is not wheelchair accessible, however, with the large seating area on the main level it is not an issue.

Restrooms: The restrooms are fully accessible. They have a handicap stall with plenty of room and grab bars, if needed. The sink is also fully accessible and there is plenty of room to fit under the sink while washing your hands.