Allen Burger Venture

Allen Burger Venture
175 Allen St. 
Buffalo, NY 14201

Allen Burger Venture is a great restaurant in downtown Buffalo. It is a located at 175 Allen St. Seating for someone in a wheelchair is very minimal, however, the staff did a great job at accommodating. Overall, Allen Burger Venture (ABV) is a great place to have a meal or go for a drink, or both. My rating for Allen Burger Venture is 4 out of 5 Wheelz. 

Parking: Parking for Allen Burger Venture can be a bit tricky since there is no off street parking. All of the spots within walking distance are rare and have metered parking, which require change in the meters. Most of the sidewalks and cutaways in the area are very smooth and make it easier to get to the restaurant if you park further away.

Entrance/Exit: The entrance and exit to Allen Burger Venture has a single door that is very manageable to open but the staff is usually right there to open the door if you need assistance. The door is can be open, depending on the weather.

Seating/Bar: Allen Burger Venture only has two lowered tables which makes seating a slight issue when in a wheelchair. The rest of the seating is high top tables. ABV does not take reservations but t are very hospitable if you call beforehand to let them know you are in a wheelchair. The patio outside is open depending on the weather and has quite a bit more lowered seating. The bar does not have a lower section for someone in a wheelchair, although is low enough should you want to get the bartender's attention.

Restrooms: The lavatories are fully accessible and very big with plenty of room to get in and turn around if needed. They also have everything needed at the proper height and have grab bars as well.