Resurgence Brewing Company

Resurgence Brewing Company
1250 Niagara St
Buffalo, NY 14213

Over the past year or so there have been many new breweries opening and others moving to bigger locations around Buffalo and Western New York.  I recently visited Resurgence Brewing located at 1250 Niagara Street in Buffalo. The open floor plan is great and the staff was very accommodating and the brewery tour is fully wheelchair accessible.  There are many things to like about Resurgence including the beer, but there are also a couple issues that I came across. My rating for Resurgence Brewery is 4 out of 5 Wheelz.

Parking: The parking lot for Resurgence is all gravel which makes it very difficult to get to the door. The parking lot will have a chipped stone mixture once it is redone in the summer, but you still may have a little difficulty maneuvering across the parking lot with this mixture. Until the parking lot is redone or if you have an issue getting across the parking lot Resurgence is encouraging people to use the concrete pad in front of the door for loading and unloading whenever possible.

Entrance/exit: The door is very to open to get in the building. The door leading to the patio is also very accessible and there are also big garage doors that open to the patio and give plenty of room to get out. The doors are open based on the weather.

Seating: There are long picnic tables insides as well as four top tables, however many of those are higher. There is plenty of room for a wheelchair to fit on the end of the picnic tables and under the other tables inside. There is also a lot of room to move and get to your table.

Bar: The bar does not have a lower section for wheelchairs, but is low enough to see over the bar, get a bartenders attention, put a drink down on the bar easily and have a conversation with friends.

Patio: The deck of the patio is very big and fairly wide. There is a wheelchair lift attached to it that does not require you to use a key and goes all the way down to the patio area. There is a concrete pad that the lift lowers down on and it looks like a typical sidewalk. The walkway is very short and only extends to a couple of tables. The rest of the patio is all gravel once you are off the concrete pad which makes it very difficult to get around. Unfortunately, there is a sign that says smokers corner right near the couple of tables that I would have been able to get to from the concrete pad. The concrete pad will be extended to wrap around the entire patio and will also include a bocce court in a project they hope to complete sometime this summer.

Bathroom facilities: The bathrooms are easily accessible. It is a single bathroom that has plenty of space if necessary. Everything needed is at the appropriate height and easy to manage.