Mississippi Mudds

Mississippi Mudds
313 Niagara St
Tonawanda, NY 14150


Summer weather hit Western New York recently and with that I went down to Mississippi Mudds. There could be some potential problems with parking and having to park down a side street or across the street from Mississippi Mudds. When going there you may also encounter some slight slopes in and around the restaurant that aren’t noticeable to someone who isn’t in a wheelchair. The biggest flaw, however, is not having an accessible bathroom. With this being a seasonal outdoorsy restaurant I can somewhat understand it but if someone needed the bathroom facilities they would have to go quite a distance to find one that was accessible. Mississippi Mudds does have its problems for accessibility, but it is a great place to go on a summer day. My rating is 3 out of 5 Wheelz.

Parking: There is handicap parking in the lot for the restaurant. Depending on the weather and what day you decide to go parking here can be a challenge. There is also parking up and down the side streets close to the restaurant, but the challenge could be finding an area to get a wheelchair out of the car and then a flat surface to get in your wheelchair. As always, there could be some raised and bumpy sidewalks on any street. Another option is parking across the street by the river and having to go up a pretty steep hill and then cross the street and go over to the restaurant.

Ordering: What makes Mississippi Mudds a little different is that ordering is done cafeteria style. The line generally stretches out to the parking lot on a nice day. At different parts of the parking lot and in the line once you get closer to the restaurant there is a slope that is noticeable when you are at a standstill. Once you get to the register, it is very easy to order and everything is at the right height to make things easy. Once you make your way past the register and towards the grill in line this becomes challenging because someone in a wheelchair can’t see if anyone has a question about your food order. The food also comes out on a tray that is difficult to carry in a wheelchair. It is best to have someone with you to help when in line who would be able to help out and carry the tray if needed.

Seating: There is seating both outside and in a covered area of the restaurant. The seating in the covered area did not offer much room and the tables and chairs were all scattered around the room. You may have to move some chairs around to get to a table because of the lack of space. The tables give plenty of leg room under the table to fit under using a wheelchair. There are also a couple of booths that you could fit a wheelchair at, but there would be a gap between you and the table.

Bathrooms facilities: Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that there are no wheelchair accessible bathrooms. There are some bathrooms across the street at the park, however, they don’t open until Memorial Day.