My name is Nick and I am from Buffalo, NY. I like to go out to eat, I like to attend sporting events, I like to go on plane trips to different parts of the world

So far I'm just like you...

What makes my situation a little more unique is that I live with a disability that requires me to be in a wheelchair. I have to plan a little bit more thoroughly when I explore. Can I get in the door? Will the restrooms fit my chair? Are the aisles wide enough? Are the counters too high? How is the accessible seating at a specific venue? Things of that nature.

You get the picture.

There are hundreds of thousands of other people in my situation with these same questions and situations on a daily basis and it is in this capacity that I wish to be of help.

The vast majority of travel bloggers report on where they have been, where they have eaten and what they have done on their trips.  Where I differ from my colleagues is we're going to concentrate a little more time to answer the accessibility questions that others don't think to. We'll be rating the venues, events, restaurants, hotels, airlines and businesses we review from the perspective of someone who faces these physical disabilities and hopefully we'll make your adventure a little more accessible.

My hope for this blog is to make it a place that people can read reviews from me and people just like me who have traveled and would like to provide a knowledgeable resource for anyone that might be considering a trip to a specific location. Initially, my hometown of Buffalo, NY will be the focus to provide reviews of the stadiums, concert venues, restaurants and anything else of interest.  While many venues and attractions have some disabled access information we want to go in depth and provide information that might be of interest to our readers.