Griffon Gastropub-Niagara Falls

Griffon Gastropub
2470 Military Rd
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Eating out is also a big part of traveling and going out. With that being said I will be also reviewing the restaurants on this blog. My first review will be of the Griffon Gastropub located at 2470 Military road in Niagara Falls, New York. Most reviews of restaurants are usually for the food, however, this will be a little different and focus on the accessibility aspect. Having said all that Griffon Gastropub is my favorite restaurant with great food and amazing staff. Everything on the menu is great and they also have 50 taps for craft beer from all over the world. Overall, the experience at the Griffon pub is great from the food and drinks to the staff and the accessibility. Even with some minor issues, mostly from the snow the Griffon pub earns a 5 wheelz out of 5 rating.

Parking: As you turn into the parking lot there are 2 handicapped parking spots directly across from the lot. They do have a ramp to get up on the sidewalk right by the door. With snow on the ground, it may be a little bit more of a challenge in the winter.

Entrance/exit: When entering the Griffon pub you will need someone to go in front of you as there are two separate doors to get in and the second door is a little difficult to negotiate when going in first. If you do go in first, the staff at Griffon is very attentive and will assist with the doors.

Eating/bar area:The floor plan for Griffon is nice and wide open. If you have to wait they have a waiting area in which a wheelchair would be out of the way as more people came in and left. All of the tables are at the perfect level to roll under and stay in your wheelchair. The Griffon also has booths in which you could transfer to or roll under comfortably and be very close to the table. There is also a nice bar at Griffon with a section that has a low enough to be able to roll under it and enjoy a drink and watch a game!

Bathroom facilities: The bathroom at Griffon pub is massive. It also has a wide open design that makes it very easy to manage and it also includes a fireplace. They have grab bars for those who may need them, an easy to reach sink, soap and paper dispenser for those who are in wheelchairs. It is one of the cleanest and biggest public restroom that I have ever been in.