How We Rate

We've decided to use our own "Wheelz" rating system.

The rating system will be a number of "Wheelz" with 5 being the best and one being serious need for improvement. There will be an overall rating for the venue, event or point of interest being reviewed as well as specific ratings for certain amenities. Stadiums, arenas, concert venues, outdoor and indoor events and restaurants are just an example of things that we will will help shine a light on. Depending upon the type of venue or event we may rate entrances and exits, parking, concourses, wheelchair accessible seating areas and bathrooms, the height of counters as well as some of the intangibles such as attitude and helpfulness of staff. Each area of a review will have a specific "Wheelz" rating.

The "Wheelz" system will be as follows:

This will be given if everything is perfect. From parking to the bathrooms facilities and other amenities in between.   A 5 Wheelz rating is the best of the best.

This rating is just a step below perfect. Only minor problems that could potentially be addressed in the future.

This is an average rating where things are accessible to a certain point.

This a below average rating and a person in a wheelchair would need lots of assistance in many areas

This rating is for places that have little to no accessibility and it would be almost impossible for someone in a wheelchair to have access to.